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OPINION: Annual audits should be more aggressive than they are now

When auditors — hired by cities and counties to perform annual audits on those political entities — get up before those city councils and fiscal courts to talk about the result of their work, I’ve learned to tune out what they are saying and just dig into the actual numbers.

Letters to the Editor for 4-22-15

William Whitley chapter of DAR to celebrate 50th anniversary Saturday

To the Editor:

Organizations such as the Daughters of the American Revolution contribute to the vitality of its communities and improve the lives of its local citizens.  The local, state and national organizations promote patriotism, education and preservation of historical landmarks.

In regards to annexation talk, everyone just needs to RELAX

The Green Bay Packers will be playing this weekend for a spot in the Super Bowl. They’ve had a great season. But back in September, the team was 1-2, and large numbers of devout fans were in a state of panic.

Would the sky fall if everybody just cooperated?

When you go shopping do you get the urge to also go to a race track or vice versa, when you go to the race track do you get the urge to go shopping?

Local economic development effort deserves better funding

When she buys something, a good friend of mine always subscribes to the following philosophy — “when you pay for quality, you only cry once.”

Letters to the Editor 4-23-14

‘A Day Between the Eternities:’

Memories of a time recalled in WWI

To the Editor:

On that day our outfit, Company A, 58th Armored Infantry Battalion of the 3rd Armored Division attached to Patton’s 3rd Army, was near Rorman, Germany and were moving in column on a curved, elevated road toward Rorman, crossing a swampy area.

I was a machine gunner in the last vehicle, a halftrack, so called because it had wheels in the front and tracks in the back.

When it comes to Mike Campbell, no one should jump to conclusions

 When I first saw the jailhouse mug shot of former Whitley County High School Athletic Director Mike Campbell, I was saddened.

Dishonest 911 Board vote should be reversed

In my opinion, the Whitley County 911 Board made a rather lame attempt at trying to rewrite history at its January meeting.

Let me explain.

Final Score: London 1,634 - Corbin 0

To the Editor:

In the past two weeks some very good news has arrived on the job front – for our neighbors in London – with announcements from both General Dynamics and Serco bringing an additional 1,000 and 634 jobs respectively to Laurel County.

Let's roll with proposed changes to downtown Corbin

I think great downtown areas in some of the most attractive cities I’ve visited are a lot like artwork.